Why Choose Recycled paper products


Why Choose Recycled paper products.

Paper products plays an important part in our everyday lives, from protecting the forest to affecting climate change. But keep in mind that paper is made from one of the most valuable resources on the planet, wood. Trees must be cut down for each blank sheet used. Paper products generally have a short life cycle and are discarded after use. Trees, on the other hand, take years to grow. In North America, many forests are cleared and later become forestry areas. Tree farms are not biologically diverse and result in global wildlife loss and soil erosion.

However, recycled paper is made from paper rather than wood, so using recycled paper reduces the pressure on the world's forests. The recycling process is special and not all types of paper can be mixed. For example, consider a newspaper or a cardboard box. Before using them to make various products from recycled paper, they need to be separated. Recycled paper is made after mining recycled paper and removing all fillers, clay and fiber debris. It is then boiled and reprocessed into usable pulp.

Recycled paper benefits our environment

Paper mills require a lot of energy to make paper from wood fibers. Fibers called cellulose need to be separated from the natural glue of wood called lignin. To finally make a piece of paper, you need to perform some energy-intensive steps. Harmful chlorine is also often used in pulp bleaching. Paper mills supply part of their energy demand by burning coal, oil and wood waste, and often need to purchase additional energy from local utilities as well. A lot of water is needed to make paper.

Recycled paper production is advantageous for the following reasons:


Recycled paper production emits 40% fewer greenhouse gases also saves over 31% of energy sources. It requires less water. It saves space in the landfill and prevents the greenhouse gas methane from escaping the landfill. Making recycled paper requires less chemicals and bleach than making paper. The production of recycled paper significantly reduces air and water pollution. Keep in mind that the chemicals used in papermaking produce different types of by-products and gases. Solid waste is usually dumped somewhere on land, liquid waste is usually dumped in streams or the sea, and gas is left outdoors, causing global warming. The recycled paper business is relatively environmentally friendly. Not only is there less waste, but the need to throw away or incinerate used paper is also reduced. Paper recycling helps protect our precious remaining forests. Recycled paper is a choice now and in the future. The use of recycled paper products not only saves more trees, but ultimately helps save the planet from accelerated global warming.

Using Green for cleaning 

  Like the combustion gasolines car engines harsh chemical filled cleaning products are slowly being replaced with more forward thinking eco- friendly cleaners. Tired of the blah days in your office? Add a little color to your day and turn green using  eco-friendly cleaning products and office supplies! Green cleaning products are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that have not been tested on animals and are currently designed for environmentally friendly offices. Why should your office start using green cleaning products? The benefits are important. First, businesses are becoming more aware of protecting and promoting conservation of the planet's precious natural resources. Second, there is less water and air pollution during the production of recycled products. The third advantage is that green cleaning products are environmentally friendly in offices and facilities. And finally, you can save landfill by using refillable products. These are just a few of the main reasons for making changes today. With a wide variety of green cleaning and green office products to choose from, your entire office will help make the world a better place.

Choose a green office product and start with office paper for copiers, printers and fax machines. If you find that the gloss and quality of this paper is the same as the paper you are currently using, please visit Letterhead and Envelopes, Computer Forms and Sheets. You can also keep all your office staff up-to-date with eco-friendly office products such as calendars, planners, and desk blocks. But you don't have to stop there. A green cleaner is also available. Ecological cleaning

Earth Friendly Toilet Cleaner

Environmentally friendly window cleaner (vinegar does awesome job).

Environmentally friendly multipurpose cleaner

Organic soap 


Toilet paper, paper towels and face towels can be provided in the office bathroom. Even your business kitchen can be equipped with paper towels, coffee filters, plates, cups, forks and knives. It's easy to be environmentally friendly if you know all the green office products available.


By becoming an environmentally friendly and socially responsible business, employees can be proud of their share. The use of green office products at work also facilitates the use of green cleaning products at home. This is a mutually beneficial situation for our environment.

Source Greenamerica.org

As we say here at The Nature Link Store. Small Change Big Difference

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