Achieving Mental Clarity on a Daily Basis.....


So where do you start? What about the mind, see how the mind progresses and how the body continues. If you can sharpen your brain and keep your mind sharp, you can at least enjoy life and maintain dignity. But more than that, a healthy mind helps you automatically give you a stronger and healthier body. After all, your mind controls your movements, and it's the key to maintaining good biomechanics and muscle control. Let's take a look at the problems you may face in this section as you get older and how you can tolerate them.
Cognitive function declines with age

It is forgetting that we are primarily associated with age-related decline in cognitive function. When you reach a certain age, you often forget where you put your keys, and eventually you start forgetting your family's name. It's as easy as giving everyone the name "Frank".
The degree of memory loss is fairly normal with age and is known as "age-related cognitive decline." However, in some cases it can be the most serious form of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. The latter is caused by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, which are caused by the accumulation of protein fragments attached to cells.
This can lead to confusion and severe memory loss known as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. In some cases, brain damage caused by a stroke or traumatic brain injury exacerbates confusion and memory loss. But long before that, a slight malaise and mental fog occur. It's almost imperceptible, but it's definitely there. Like a computer that only takes a minute or two to get started. No one else will notice it, but you know it no longer works on all cylinders. It's different than before. Please think about it. How hard is it to wake up in the morning than it was five years ago? At that time, you probably drank with your friends all night and woke up with energy the next day. What has changed at this point is not your body, but your brain. Or, when you were a little kid, think further back (forgive your memory). At that time, I was able to run in a circle for hours without getting bored. You probably still know kids who can do the same. Nowadays, many of us just have a hard time climbing the stairs.

Being tired all the time is not fun, nor half of the enthusiasm, learning ability and passion of a young person at the time. Keep in mind that young people are constantly learning new skills, making new friends and changing their careers. As we get older, it gets harder. Oh, and how are you feeling? Have you noticed that you've been angry lately?
What wouldn't stop us from thinking softly moans us crazy. What happened to that youthful optimism? If you understand the "law of attraction," you know that always being angry reduces your chances and your enjoyment. Apparently, these changes actually happen at the age of 60. So what's really happening on your skull that causes all this change?

There are many things that change in the brain and it is responsible for the changes we see in our skills and our personalities. Many of these can be mitigated by the nutrient regime and / or suitable supplements, and when nutrients are used, herbs or medication are used in this way, the "nootropics" compounds are called that can help the performance of the Improve brain. . Let's start with

Low energy: What causes it? There are a few things, but in advance it is the decrease in mitochondria. Mitochondria are small small fuel generators living in all their cells. It's job is to take glucose and to convert ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, the "energy currency of life". These mitochondria are located next to our bodies and this includes the brain, where they live in the cells of the brain. If you ever feel too tired or too lazy to complete a sum because it implies that the numbers are maintained in your working memory, your brain energy falls. And that's what makes it harder to find the enthusiasm to do something. Another night of the same old television is then. If I had to look at the cells of a small child under the microscope and compare it to that of a middle-aged man, he would see that middle-aged man had much less mitochondria. Scientists now believe that this is one of the most important differences in the energy levels of children before adults. As happens, it is also one of the most important things that are very nootropic. The ingredients ranging from L-carnitine, to PQQ, after lutein, creatine, a bitter orange work at least partially in this way. Another thing that influences cerebral energy, as we grow older, is blood flow. Like any other part of your body, your brain needs a constant feed of blood to provide nutrients and oxygen for a healthy function. Unfortunately, as the lack of breath when they arrive at the best step, our blood flow as we grow older. This is where the vasodilators come. Things like garlic extract, Vinpocetin and Ginkgo Biloba offer this greater energy by increasing the diameter of blood vessels. Can it be very good for those with high blood pressure? It allows more blood, oxygen and nutrients to be directed to the brain, which helps you feel more vigilant and awake. As already mentioned, you can also benefit from nutrients such as iron and B12 that helps the body create more red blood cells. This very simple change is sufficient to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that open around the body, to the brain and increase the supercar again their energy levels. Mood and learning as we grow older, we often start less than the most important Neu rochemicals, whether serotonin or dopamine. Dopamine is one of the most neurotransmitters associated with attention, which also correlates with memory (the more focused, we are more likely to remember something, often, the things you have forgotten "are things you never in the First heard. Location) The dopamine also correlates with the neurotrophic in the face that comes from BDNF. Along with the nerve growth factor, BDNF is one of the key players in Neu-Roplasticity. As we get older, the rate in which the brain is adapted and changes, and leads to a poorer ability to learn new skills and ideas, along with a reduced interest to do so. Guess what can you digest to increase your dopamine levels, approach and improve learning? Good old caffeine! And maybe caffeine consumption is also associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's. Dopamine is also related to its mood, as well as other neurochemicals that decrease as our age, such as serotonin, often known as 'HP pieleshormone'. Many of these neurochemists are made of simple amino acids (protein building blocks) as tryptophan and L-tyrosine. Eat more eggs (which also pack with the brain that increases the brain) and your brain will be stronger and will be less cranchered.
Many other nonotropic compounds can help the plasticity of the brain and there are some very interesting studies that have shown that one day our brains on plasticity levels between babies (A shown study that might be able to teach participants the ideals Introducing the participants with certain nonotropics, but they are available in the trade).
It can not only help to raise new skills, learn new dog tricks, but also to prevent the fall in ancient and lazy habits. One of the big problems here is the way we brain; As we get older, we know more (we form more crystallized intelligence, leading to a reduced need to continue learning.
What's more, decades to the same thinking patterns (and their respective neuronal roads) means that certain memories and ideas are deeply swept exercise, while others "cut" of the brain and left and atrophy. Use it or lose it. Therefore, it is so waterproof.